Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests Module (For Students)

The Wharton Attendance module in Canvas allows you to do three things for classes in which the module has been enabled:

  • Check into your class for attendance.
  • Submit an absence excuse request for specific dates.
  • Submit a class video access request for particular dates.

Before You Start

Using the Attendance module requires:

  • Being enrolled in a class that is using the Wharton Attendance module. Each feature of the Wharton Attendance module can be enabled separately; check with your professor.
  • A working PennKey and password
  • The Canvas Mobile app is not required but recommended (Apple | Android). The module can be accessed at https://canvas.upenn.edu/.

Course Check In

Note: This feature may or may not enabled  for your class.

Course Check In allows you to report your attendance by "checking in" to your class.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Check in opens ten minutes before class and closes at the end of class.
  • If you check in late, or not at all, you will be marked "absent."
  • You will receive an email at the end of the day summarizing your absences. 

To Check in to a class:

For step by step instructions,

Absence Excuse Requests

The Wharton Attendance module lists all of your eligible unexcused absences. It allows you to select any future class meeting for a planned absence.

You have two weeks from the date of an unexcused absence to submit an excuse request.

Note: This feature may or may not enabled  for your class.

To request an Absence Excuse:

For step by step instructions,

To request an Absence Excuse for a future class meeting:

For step by step instructions,

Video Access Requests

Some class recordings are restricted to those with valid excused absences. You must request access to class recordings within 2 weeks of your absence. The Wharton Attendance module allows you to request recordings of future classes if you plan on being absent. 

Note: This feature may or may not enabled  for your class.

To request Absence Video Access:

For step by step instructions,


Contact Student Support for help.