Technology Support Options (Students)

The following article outlines the various forms of IT support available to students.

If you are faculty or staff, please contact your respective IT representative.

Wharton Computing Student Support

Wharton Computing and Information Technology supports research, instructional, student, and administrative computing at the Wharton School.

College House Computing

Computing support for students living in the College Houses.

Computing Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC provides computing support services for Graduate and Professional students as well as for Undergraduate students who live off campus. This service is available to all Penn students, not just Wharton students.

Personal Computer Hardware Problems

The Student Support team can help begin the diagnostic process of hardware problems.  If the issue becomes too complex, we will work with you to identify the appropriate escalation and resolution for your problem.

Generally, we can:

  • Perform initial diagnostic overviews
  • Work with your vendor's warranty or tech support
  • Help you install hard drives, memory, keyboards

Other local resources for helping you resolve hardware issues include: