Accessing old course sites

Students with active PennKeys, as well as recent alumni, may continue to access concluded Penn Canvas course sites as described below. (These policies do not apply to Penn Law, which uses a separate Canvas platform.)

Accessing Old Course Sites

Old course sites remain available, in a read-only state, for up to five years after they began. To access them: 

  1. Select Courses in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click All Courses. Past course sites will appear beneath Past Enrollments. Course sites not listed no longer available, possibly because the instructor closed access.

Note that Class Recordings, Study.Net, library reserves, and other licensed materials typically expire shortly after the end of the course, even if the Canvas site itself remains.

After Students Graduate

Students will sometimes ask how long they retain access after they graduate. Penn will support alumni access as long as the University uses Canvas, but individual course sites will eventually close. Therefore, it is wise for students to download desired materials from Canvas as soon as possible after they graduate.

After students graduate, they will use alumni computing services, many of which will continue to use their PennKey. Students should be sure to sign up for the PennKey Recovery Service so that they can easily reset their PennKey passwords after graduation.