Panopto Recording in the Classroom

The primary method of recording classroom lectures and events at Wharton is with an application called Panopto.  

Before You Start 

You will need the following before initiating recording: 

  • a PennKey.

What's in a recording?

Recordings feature up to three views:

  • The presenter, captured from the rear camera.
  •  Two separate feeds of projected materials, one from the left projector, the other from the right.

Audio for recordings can differ depending on room type, but it is recommended that presenters should wear the wireless microphone to ensure the highest audio quality possible. Any questions/concerns regarding audio capture should be addressed with the scheduling team when making your request. 

How do I schedule a recording?

Zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas will be automatically posted to your Class Recordings tab.

Recordings can be scheduled ahead of time using the online technology request form. Once your recording request has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from the scheduling team outlining the details of your request. Recording requests sent within 2 business days of the event are considered last minute and are not guaranteed. 

Recordings can also be started in-room at the touch panel (this is not recommended for recurring recordings). Once logged in to the system, touch the Recording menu at the bottom right of the screen. The system will then walk you through confirming the in-room camera as well as the desired duration of your recording. When the recording has started, a red Recording box will appear at the top of the touch panel. 

How long will it take for my recording to be posted?

All academic recording requests are made available via Canvas and may a few hours to process. Once processed, recordings will appear in the Class Recordings tab of your Canvas site.

All non-academic recordings are made available via a download and may take up to 48 hours to process. Once processed, a link will be sent to the requester’s email so that the recording(s) can be downloaded. This link will be active for 2 weeks from the date it was sent out.

"I started a recording from the touch panel, how do I find it?"

If you start a recording from the touch panel, send an email to in order to retrieve it.

Who can view my recordings?

When scheduling a recording request there are three options available for recording access.

  • Publish to Canvas - The recording is made available to all students and faculty on the Canvas site. 
  • Instructor View Only - The recording is made available to the instructor of the Canvas site, but no students are able to access it.
  • Restricted Viewing - The recording is made available to specific students who the instructor has approved for viewing.

Availability can be changed if requested. Please email to change the access of class recordings.