All about quizzes (classic)

This article provides an overview of using Canvas quizzes.

Before You Start 

You will need a Canvas site. 

Quiz basics

Quizzes are formal exams or surveys, and can be graded or ungraded. To create a quiz...

Recommended instructions for students

We recommend providing  the following information in all quiz instructions:

Configuring take-home quizzes

You can 1) prepare normal quiz questions; or you can 2) have the students download a document containing the exam and then upload a document containing their answers to the quiz. To use option #2...

Previewing a quiz

You can preview a quiz, to see how it will appear to students. 

Regrading quizzes

Occasionally you may need to change an answer after students have taken the quiz. 

Revealing results to students

Muting a quiz will hide all information from students. If you choose not to mute the quiz, consider the following.