All about appointments

This article describes how to create sign-ups for the faculty-student meals program, office hours, and group presentations. 

Creating appointment groups

Go to Calendar and select the + button in the upper right.

Adding more time slots

To add more slots to your appointment signup...

Viewing, editing or canceling an appointment

In Calendar,  you'll see available appointments as well as the name of students who are already signed up.  To edit or delete an appointment, click on an available appointment and...

Sending a message to signed-up students

To send an Inbox message to users who have signed up for the appointment, click Message Students:

Reminding students to sign up

Send a message through Canvas to remind students to sign up for an appointment.

Recommended settings

These settings are recommended when creating sign-ups. 

Group appointments

When you use group appointments, only one student per group needs select a time slot for that group. This feature works only if groups, populated with students, already exist on the Canvas page.

How students can find appointments

Here are instructions you can provide students on finding these sign-ups:

TIP: The calendar shows information based on your currently specified time zone; if appointments are elsewhere, switch your time zone in Settings while making the sign up, then switch back when you are finished.