All about Appointments

This article describes how to create sign-ups for the faculty-student meals program, office hours, and group presentations. 

Creating appointment groups

Go to Calendar and select the + button in the upper right.

Adding more time slots

You can continue to use a previously-created appointment group, adding additional time slots on later days. Here's how:

  • Go to Calendar in the left navigation bar.
  • Click an existing time slot.
  • In the Edit Event pop-up window, select Group Details.
  • Use the Date and Time Range boxes to add the date, start time and end time of the new appointment(s).
  • Press Save. (Students will be notified of the newly available time slots, based on their notification preferences.)

Viewing, editing or canceling an appointment

In Calendar,  you'll see available appointments as well as the name of students who are already signed up.  To edit or delete an appointment, click on an available appointment and...

  • To cancel this appointment, click Delete. Any attendees, they will be notified and may reserve other available appointments.
  • To remove individual attendees, clicking the "x" next to that attendee's name.
  • To change the maximum number of students who may reserve an appointment, or to add miscellaneous details, click Edit, make the changes, and then press  Update

Sending a message to signed-up students

To send an Inbox message to users who have signed up for the appointment, click Message Students:

Reminding students to sign up

Send a message through Canvas to remind students to sign up for an appointment.

  • Go to Calendar in the left navigation bar.
  • Click an existing time slot.
  • In the Edit Event pop-up window, click Group Details.
  • Scroll down to locate Message Students.
  • A pop-up window will appear with a list of "Users who haven't signed up." You can type and Send an Inbox message to them, or you can optionally use the provided drop-down to choose "Users who have already signed up" or "All users." (meaning both those students who have signed up, and those who have not).

Recommended settings

These settings are recommended when creating sign-ups. 

  • Use "Limit each time slot to ___ users" to keep the appointment at the desired maximum attendance.
  • Check "Allow students to see who has signed up for time slots."
  • Use "Limit participants to attend ___ appointment(s)" to ensure students don't reserve multiple slots.
  • Use Details to include additional information, e.g.: "If fewer than 3 students sign up, the appointment will not take place."

Group appointments

When you use group appointments, only one student per group needs select a time slot for that group. This feature works only if groups, populated with students, already exist on the Canvas page.

  • Because groups are open to all members of a course site, you cannot share group appointments across separate Canvas course calendars, or limit them to certain sections. 
  • Once a group sign-up is published, it cannot later be converted to an individual sign-up, and vice versa. 
  • Students who have not signed up for a group cannot see team-based appointments.

How students can find appointments

Here are instructions you can provide students on finding these sign-ups:

  • Go to Calendar
  • Press "Find Appointment" on the far right
  • Select from the drop-down list the course to which the appointment belongs and press "submit"
  • Click on the preferred date and in the window that appears select "reserve"

Students are notified of new appointment groups, and of changes to existing groups, according to their notification preferences.

Note: The calendar shows information based on your currently specified time zone; if appointments are elsewhere, switch your time zone in Settings while making the sign up, then switch back when you are finished.