Virus Removal Procedure

If your personal computer has a virus, use the steps below to try removing it on your own. 

The University's recommended antivirus software for unmanaged computers is now Sophos. Symantec support was discontinued in May 2022.

Faculty and Staff should NOT attempt to remove viruses on any machine provided to them by Penn. 

If you suspect you have a virus, disconnect your computer from the network, power it off and contact your Wharton Computing Representative right away for assistance.

Virus Removal Procedure 

We've compiled a set of simplified steps for PC and Mac to make it easy for you to try and fix your own computer. Students can make an appointment (before 2 pm) with Student Support to have your machine scanned and cleaned if more help is needed. 

Before You Start:

  • Back up your computer's data to an external hard drive or other source not attached to your computer to prevent any loss of important data.
  • Make sure you're comfortable downloading and installing software on your computer.


The procedure below is simplified for your convenience and remedies most situations.

Virus Removal Procedure (Mac)

The steps for removing viruses from Macs are fairly straightforward. 


Contact your  Wharton Computing Representative for more information.