JMP Access and Troubleshooting Guide (Students)

JMP is available for students to install on their computers for any Wharton class that requires the use of JMP.  This article provides basic instructions on how to download, install, and access JMP.

Access JMP from Canvas: If JMP is not visible through your course's Canvas site, ask your Professor or TA to reach out to their Wharton Computing Team for help getting it added.

All Wharton Students: If you are not in a class that requires JMP and would like to install it on your laptop, contact the Wharton Student Computing team for assistance. 

Not a Wharton students AND Not taking a class? Unfortunately you will not able to install JMP using Wharton's license. Contact your school's IT support team for more information.

Accessing JMP from Public Machines

JMP is available on any of the Wharton public computers, or via Wharton's Virtual Lab

  1. Log into the public computer (or the Virtual Lab).
  2. Navigate to Departmental Applications > Statistics

Installing JMP on a Computer

Versions for Mac and Windows operating systems are available - see installation directions below.




If you have a question on how to use JMP, contact the TA or Professor that is requiring you to use it. (Wharton Computing is unable to provide usage assistance.) 

Additional information is available in the following support knowledgebases:


If you are having trouble accessing JMP on the public computers, reach out to Wharton Computing Student Support.