Asynchronous Teaching Using Canvas and Panopto

Asynchronous teaching leverages pre-recorded lectures published in a place where students enrolled in the course can easily access them to flip the classroom.  Panopto, Wharton's recording tool, allows instructors to seamlessly capture, edit, and upload video to Canvas. 

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  • Admin access to your device (to install the app) or Panopto Recorder App
  • A published Canvas site
  • Classroom Recording tab (in Canvas) visible to students

Before You Record

Delivering a lecture in a room by yourself is a very different experience from delivering a lecture in the classroom. Even if you've given the same lecture dozens of times before, it behooves you to do some planning before you hit Record.

Suggestions and Recommendations

  • Keep recordings 6-15 minutes in length to keep students engaged and allow for adequate breaks.
  • Script ahead of time, or at least create an outline to best organize your thoughts.
  • Consider different means of collaboration and participation, such as discussion posts.  
  • Initiate a test recording to become comfortable with the application's features. Place the test recording in your personal folder so students don't have access to it. 
  • Plan how you will handle any mistakes you make during the recording. You can:
    • Acknowledge the mistake and move on, as you would in class
    • Edit out the error prior to making it available to students
    • Discard the recording and start all over again

Download the Panopto Recorder

  1. Verify that the Panopto Recorder isn't already installed on your machine by checking your applications folder/Start Menu or using your operating system's search function.
  2. If it isn't installed on your machine, download the app using this link.
    • Mac users download the App by clicking the file labeled:
    • Windows users download the App by clicking the file labeled:

Starting a Recording

  1. Log into the Canvas site where you'd like this video to live.
  2. Click Class Recordings on the Courses menu:From Courses choice in left menu, choose Class Recordings (circled)
  3. Click the blue Create button in the upper right corner.
  4. Click Record a new session:From dropdown menu in Create button, choose Record a new session (circled)

The Panopto application will launch. Follow the instructions below for your operating system to record and upload a video.

Mac Instructions

Windows Instructions

Recording Best Practices

  • Use a reliable headset. It will improve the audio capture, which is a critical component of recording capture. 
  • Verify your background conditions using your camera:
    • Avoid bright background lights.
    • Check that the image isn't too dark to see you. 
    • Remove distracting items from the background.
  • Open all applications you want captured before you begin the recording to avoid having to pause the recording to find them.
  • Name recordings uniquely and be as consistent with the naming convention as possible. Consider: Course - Section - Class or Week # - Lesson Title - Video #. The video number should reflect which video it is in the lesson series. 
    • Example: MKTG 101 - Section 001 - Virtual Class 1 - Developing Your Marketing Strategy - Video 1

Managing Your Recordings

Recording Availability

After a recording has been uploaded to Canvas, you'll be able to adjust the beginning and ends dates of its visibility to students. 

  1. Hover over the newly uploaded recording.
  2. Click the Settings button. From video listing, Settings button circled (first button on the left)
  3. On the Overview tab, scroll to the Availability section at the bottom.
  4. Adjust the availability start date by selecting the radio button of the option with the customizable date field and update the date and time fields accordingly. In Session becomes available, radio button selected saying: starting 3/18/2020  9 am  Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  5. Adjust the availability end date by selecting the radio button of the option with the customizable date field and update the date. In Session remains available section, radio button selected: until 6/01/2020, 9 am, Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Copying a Recording

  1. Click Manage > Copy
  2. While the copy is processing, go to its Overview and edit the Folder name, choosing or typing the name of the desired target Canvas course site.
  3. Click Save, which moves the newly created copy to the other course's Class Recordings.
    1. You may need to first click Class Recordings again in that target Canvas course to see the moved video. 
    2. For semester-long viewing dates, choose With its folder for start and end.

Complete steps from Panopto (the vendor) are available, although they may not align perfectly with what you see on your screen: