Submitting an Event in CampusGroups (Officers Only)

Instructions on how to submit events in the CampusGroups calendar for club/group officers. 

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

Submitting an Event in CampusGroups

Screenshot of CampusGroups Events form.

  1. Log in to and select the group for which you're creating events. Once inside your group's dashboard, click Events.

    Note: You must be an officer to submit events.
  2. Fill out the Event Name, Description, and Event Type. Choose appropriate Event Tags – if your event is for all undergraduates, choose Open to all UGR Students; if your event is specific to first years, choose For New UGR Students.
  3. Select your Date/Time and include your video conferencing link. Photo/Flyer and More Details are optional.
  4. Set your Access & Display Options
    • Everyone: events open to all students
    • The Wharton School CampusGroups users:  open only to Wharton students
    • Some The Wharton School users: allows you to restrict access to certain graduating classes, and you can also restrict access to group members only. If you restrict registration access, be sure to restrict display access to just the people who are allowed to register.
  5. Choose your Registration Options or provide a link to external registration and click Create Event. Your event will now display in the CampusGroups calendar based on your display options.

Submitting an Event in CampusGroups (Instructional Video)


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