Accessing aPlus+ in Canvas (Students)

Wharton Computing is currently piloting aPlus+, an attendance-tracking tool that is integrated with Canvas through a third-party application. It simplifies attendance processes for teaching teams and helps ensure that students receive due credit for attending class.  Students also benefit from an easily viewable record of their attendance right from Canvas. 

Before You Start 

You will need:

  • Access to Canvas
  • Enrollment in a course that is using aPlus+

Accessing aPlus+

Click on the aPlus+ Attendance tab from your course's navigation sidebar.

Authorizing aPlus+ Attendance for First-Time Use

If you are accessing the tool for the first time, you will be prompted to authorize access to your account.  

The aPlus+ Attendance Tab

On the code entry screen you will see:

  • Special messages to help you check in (red font, top).
  • Date selection, where you choose the date you want to check in.
  • Current class section - when your professor initiates check-in for the day, the font will change to blue: Click to check in.
  • Your attendance record - click to review.

Where do I click to check in?

You will be unable to check in until your professor initiates the check-in session. When the check-in session appears as blue, you will be able to click through to the check-in screen.

Check-in Screen

If your professor is using a rolling QR/alphanumeric code, you will see something similar to the screenshot below. The image contains both the manual code entry as well as a scannable QR code. 

Clicking on the session from your initial aPlus+ screen will take you to the check-in card for the session:

Important Tips for QR Codes

  • To use the QR Code, you will need to Allow Access to your camera; this can require multiple popups on your web browser/app as well as your general mobile device settings. 
  • Note that your position in the classroom might obscure the QR code.
  • If scanning is not working, try the alphanumeric backup instead.


Troubleshooting tip: If you are using Safari and encounter access issues, please refer to our Using web browsers with Learning Tools. If you have trouble in Chrome, try using a different browser, like Firefox.

If you need more assistance, please contact your Wharton Computing Support Team for support.