Checklist for Migrating Staff and Faculty Wharton Zoom Accounts to Penn

Faculty and Staff who created a Wharton Zoom account will need to migrate their accounts to Penn's Zoom account. 

Most have already migrated their accounts since the service was implemented at the Penn level in September of 2020, but a few accounts still remain on the Wharton Zoom platform. Use these directions to migrate your account.

Faculty must use a Penn Zoom account to schedule their class in Canvas.

Migrate your Wharton Zoom Account to Penn's Zoom

If you currently have a Wharton Zoom account, follow these steps to make sure your settings and data migrate over correctly.

Step 1

Review your account and meeting settings in your Wharton Zoom account.

Your account settings and profile will migrate to Penn Zoom, along with your Outlook add-in. Meeting links for your already scheduled Wharton Zoom meetings will be changed to once meeting details are edited.

What changes?

  • Calendar and Contacts Integration (e.g. connecting your Zoom account to your Office 365 or Google Calendar) will need to be recreated.
  • If you have set Alternative Hosts for your meetings, make sure your Alternative Hosts have Penn Zoom accounts.
  • If you have someone able to schedule Zoom meetings on your behalf, make sure they also have Penn Zoom account.  Their scheduling privileges will need to be re-added in Penn Zoom.

Step 2

Create your new Penn Zoom account with the help of your IT representative. Follow the steps below:

Step 3

Recreate your settings, meetings, integrations, and profile photo.

Make sure your attendees are notified of the new Penn Zoom link.

Step 4

Notify your IT rep that you have finished your move, so your Wharton Zoom account can be deactivated.  

  • If your Delegates or Alternate Hosts don't have Penn Zoom accounts, let your IT rep know.

Next Steps

Please refer to this support article for instructions on logging into Penn Zoom on your devices.


If you have any questions or experience any issues, please e-mail the following addresses for support: