Reserving Group Study Rooms (GSRs) -- Wharton San Francisco

Wharton San Francisco campus has a number of Group Study Rooms (GSRs). Use these directions to reserve them ahead of time.

For help using the GSRs, see Using Group Study Rooms.

About the WSF Group Study Rooms (GSRs): 


WEMBA first-year students are assigned a GSR on class weekends. Second-year students do not have assigned GSRs, but they can use all of them, no need to reserve during the weekend. WEMBA students can reserve space through Open Space during the week.

Semester In San Francisco students can reserve space through Open Space during the week and use common space on WEMBA Weekends but can only drop into GSRs on the weekends when they are not being used (i.e. during class time). There are some GSRs reserved for SSF students during WEMBA weekends.


Alumni are eligible to participate in the  Open Space  program, which provides a co-working space on campus at Wharton San Francisco.

Current Reservation Process: 

  • Book a GSR using Skedda

  • Walk-ins are not permitted. 

  • Space is limited. We recommend that you book in advance. We take reservations 2 weeks out. 


Questions or Additional Issues?

Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support