Penn Students Taking a Wharton Class

This article is intended for for non-Wharton Penn students taking Wharton classes.  All students taking Wharton classes will need to create a Wharton account in order to gain access to Wharton resources like public computers and software.

Full-time Wharton student? See our  Create Your Wharton Account article instead. 

Before You Start

If you are creating an account, you must meet one or more of the following requirements:
  • Have an active PennKey Account
  • Have been enrolled for at least one business day in a Wharton course in the current or upcoming semester

Note: Access to the Wharton student portal, MyWharton, is currently only available to full-time Wharton students.

Creating a Wharton CLASS Account

If you are a student in another college at Penn and are taking a class at Wharton, you should create a Wharton class account.  This account ensures access to the computer labs, virtual lab, and use of educational software specified by faculty. 

You will still need to use your regular PennKey account to log into most Wharton resources.

Use our Wharton Account Creator App to create your class account.

Important notes

  • Taking courses in upcoming semesters? Class accounts are generally available one week before the start of the term. 
  • When can you create your account?  You must allow at least 1 business day after enrollment before creating your account. You may encounter difficulty using the account creation form on the same day you enroll in a course, or if you have an account already because of recent courses or work at the Wharton School. If you are enrolling by permit and can't add the course through Path@Penn, contact your school's office or registrar to complete your registration the day before creating a class account. 
  • Auditing? Early Account Access? Auditors and pre-enrollment accounts need faculty permission. If you are a non-Wharton student who is also not enrolling in a Wharton course, but you are taking the class, instructor permission is needed.  While many faculty work with Wharton Computing directly to arrange for access, if you have an email related to your permission to attend the course please forward that to the Student Computing Team.
  • Access to Canvas.  Wharton accounts are no longer required to access Wharton courses in Canvas. 

Wharton Services Available with Wharton Class Account

Account created?  Your Wharton account enables you to access the following Wharton services to help with your classwork.

Public Computers 

Although you will use your PennKey account to log into the Wharton public computers, your Wharton account is required to complete the authentication and enables you to actually use them. You’ll have access to:

  • Personal storage space on the public computers (MyWhartonDrive) .
  • Software your professor may require for your class work.
  • Wharton public printing.

Printing Services

Wharton printing services require a Wharton account for access. Use these links to learn more about printing on the Wharton campus:


Use Penn's Canvas link to access your course material in Canvas. Your Wharton course(s) should show up alongside your other Penn courses.

Problems Creating A Class Account

If you encounter an error stating "Can't create Account, Account Already Exists" or "There is already an account in your name," our system may already have a record of you. Please submit the following information to the Student Support Team:

  • PennKey/Wharton username (they are the same)
  • PennID number
  • Faculty name and course name (eg. ACCT1020,  Joseph Wharton)
  • If you're enrolled, auditing the class or are a TA