Requesting a Canvas site

This article will help you request a Canvas course site, review the new site for accuracy, and publish the site.

Before You Start

Wharton instructors may now make Canvas site requests, as well as requests for Study.Net copyrighted readings and instructional consultations, through Wharton's Courseware Request Form.  This new form is one of several teaching-needs forms and surveys now made available to faculty at Wharton Instruction Center (under the "Tech Surveys" menu choice).

When preparing to submit either a Courseware Request Form or an emailed service request to, you'll want to gather the following information:

  1. The course and section number(s) for any Wharton course (Lauder language course sites are treated as Wharton sites)
  2. The PennKey username for any other instructors or TAs who need access (no passwords are needed)
  3. If not using the Courseware Request Form, a syllabus or other guidance about desired features as described in Step 1 below.

To request a site for a non-Wharton course, see Canvas at Penn

Step 1: Choose your desired structure and features, or request a consultation

The new Courseware Request Form guides you through a series of simple questions intended to help you obtain the functionality you need for each course you teach.  For most faculty, beginning with Spring 2022, using that form will be the easiest way to request Canvas.

If you prefer to continue requesting Canvas by email, or to have a staff colleague or TA request on your behalf, here's what to include in that email.  Wharton Computing historically offers a choice of four standard Canvas "site types," or configurations: template, starter, advanced and site copy.  In addition to those standard types, more elaborate setups or projects are usually planned by requesting an instructional design consultation.

Step 2: Review your completed site

Please check your site to ensure that...

Step 3: Publish your site

You must publish your Canvas site before students may access it. Only instructors (not TAs or administrators) may publish a site, and the Courseware team will not do so unless asked.