Submit and Delete Calendar Events to MyWharton through CampusGroups (UGR students)

Undergrad students can create club events in Campus Groups and they will sync hourly with MyWharton; however, it may take another 12-24 hours for Google Calendar to update if students are subscribed to the feeds. 

Before You Start 

You need a MyWharton Community account to access the interface. Most students and certain staff designated by each department will be using MyWharton. You also need to be able to log in to Campus Groups with your Pennkey and password.  If you cannot log in, contact:

Submit or Delete Calendar Events through Campus Groups

  • All Wharton Council-approved clubs (which have non-Wharton members) and sponsored student orgs can use Campus Groups to submit events. Campus Groups events that are marked as public get automatically posted to the MyWharton calendar (no moderation). 
  • The Campus Groups events feed syncs hourly with MyWharton; however, it may take another 12-24 hours for Google Calendar to update if you are subscribed to MyWharton event feeds. If you create or delete an event in Campus Groups, please allow 12-24 hours for the changes to reflect in Google Calendar. 
  • For more information about creating and deleting events in Campus Groups, please view these articles from their help center: 

Submitting or Deleting Events to MyWharton not Affiliated with a Club

If you need to create or delete an event in MyWharton that is not affiliated with a club, please contact the Undergrad Office and include the following:

  • Name of your event
  • Date/time
  • Event location (with any special directions)
  • Event description
  • Event URL
  • Image for the event if you have one (Recommended image size: 787 x 343 px. File types supported: JPG, PNG, or GIF). 

Large-scale events are posted on calendars by staff on behalf of cohorts and Wharton Council. 

Other Ways to Advertise Events for Undergrads 

  • Life at Wharton screens: All Wharton Council-approved clubs and sponsored student orgs are allowed to post to the LCD screens on campus through the Life at Wharton app in MyWharton (moderated by staff).
  • Email: Sponsored student orgs are permitted one email to class listservs for recruiting per year and one email per event or activity that is open to all students or certain classes (e.g., 2020). Emails are pre-approved/edited by assigned staff members and go through moderation to the lists.
  • Facebook: Cohorts and some clubs/student orgs use Facebook (in some cases, staff have some oversight over FB groups/pages). 


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support 

Email: (students)