Screencasting via Solstice

This article provides instructions on how to use Solstice to wirelessly share your device's screen to the monitors in the GSRs and classrooms.

Before you begin

  • The device you want to share wirelessly must be connected to AirPennNet, AirPennNet-Guest, or AirPennNet-Device.

To use Solstice to share your device with a classroom or GSR screen, there are two steps to follow:

  1. Solstice software must be installed on the device you want to share from, and you'll need to launch the software.
  2. Solstice must be launched from the classroom or GSR screen (it's already installed on these systems).


To use Solstice in Wharton classrooms, you must log into the classroom's computer:


To use Solstice in Wharton's Group Study Rooms:

Solstice Client

To project your device's screen to the room's screen(s) you need to install the Solstice client.

Windows & MacOS



Troubleshooting Steps

Can’t see the list of displays on my laptop/mobile device

Can’t connect to a display from your device

Can’t see the room you’re in from your device

Trouble scrolling when in Full Screen Mode

Screen displays sideways


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support