Office 365 University

The University has partnered with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Office 365 University to all current full-time members of Wharton. This includes access to: Word Online, Excel Online, Powerpoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Mail (Faculty & Staff only), and more! You can download and install the University version of Microsoft Office on up to five devices while you have an active PennKey account.

Before You Start

You will need one of the following before you can begin:

Acceptable Use Policy

You are responsible for using PennO365 services in accordance with Penn's Acceptable Use Policy. Also see the University guidelines about protecting personal and University data at Protecting Penn Data. These guidelines will help you protect your personal information and understand how to identify and handle sensitive University information.

Why Office365?

1TB of OneDrive StorageUsable on up to 5 devices at a timeAutomatic Updates
Save directly to the cloud from your laptopMulti-user editingAccess your files from any device

Setting or Resetting Your PennO365 Password

PennO365 credentials are automatically created for every full-time Penn student, faculty, and staff. The username for the account is Follow these steps to either reset a forgotten password or set a password on a new account.

PennO365 Account email address diagram that shows PennKey section

Your Wharton email address remains the same. Your PennO365 account is used solely to log into the service.

  1. Navigate to ISC's Password Reset page
  2. If prompted, login with your PennKey credentials
  3. Enter a new password
    • Please note: the password requirements for your Office 365 account are slightly different than your Wharton credentials
  4. Click Reset Password
  5. Wait approximately 10 minutes for your password to sync
  6. You will now be able to login to your account via

PennO365 Email Accounts (Faculty & Staff Only)

Along with the applications included with a PennO365 account, faculty & staff are also provisioned a mail account. After setting your credentials using the steps above, you can access your inbox at

The display name for your email account is based on your name as it is shown in the Penn Directory. If you’d like to customize your name as it appears in the Penn Directory, please login to the Penn Directory (which will require PennKey credentials) and change it there. (The change may take some time, even overnight, to sync up.)

For client configuration instructions, check here.

Downloading & Installing Office365

Your PennO365 account includes access to a variety of downloadable applications including: Word Online, Excel Online, Powerpoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, and more! Office365 can be installed upon 5 devices simultaneously.

  1. Navigate to & login with your PennO365 credentials
  2. Click Install Office in the top-right
  3. Run the installer that downloads and follow the prompts
  4. After the installer is finished, open a MS Office application (i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  5. Sign-in with your PennO365 credentials

Managing Office365 Installs

Wharton members can view how many copies of Office 365 are active in their account. You will be able to remove copies of Office here if you exceed the 5 devices limit.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your PennO365 credentials
  3. Click your name/portrait on the top right side of the screen
  4. Click My Account and scroll down to Install status
  5. Click Manage installs; here you will see the option to view/remove copies of Office 365

Back up PennO365 (OneDrive) Data

Below you will find instructions on how to back up your PennO365 account data, specifically anything stored in OneDrive or OneNote. If you are a student, instructions on how to back up your Google@Wharton data can be found in our Back Up Wharton Account Data using Google Takeout (Students) article.

Sharing a document in OneDrive does NOT grant ownership of the file. When the owner's O365 account expires, if the owner has not been changed, the document will no longer be available to the shared users.

Back up your OneDrive Files

Back up your OneNote Files

Troubleshooting O365

PennKey Not Found

If you are receiving the above error message when attempting to reset your password please contact your IT support representative. This error can occur if you transferred from another school at Penn to Wharton – this can affect students, faculty, and staff.

Getting Help

Penn's Client Care: Office 365 for Penn Students

We recommend starting with the Penn Office 365 information on the Client Care website. These tips will help you get set up.

Microsoft Office Support: Office 365 Learning Center

You can also find extensive support and training materials are available on Microsoft's support site. These tips will help you learn to use Office 365.

Additional Questions?

Faculty & PhD Students: contact your Academic Distributed Representative (login required)

Staff: email Admin Support

Students: email Wharton Computing Student Support