Accessing Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

The Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) is a web-based business data research service. It was developed at Wharton in 1993 to support our faculty's research and is now also used by many other institutions.

Register for a WRDS Account 

Full-Time Wharton Faculty, Staff, and Students

Full-time Faculty, Staff, and Wharton Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students can register for a WRDS account using the instructions below.  Student accounts close 2 years after registration; however, undergraduate students who are still actively affiliated with Penn/Wharton continue to have access during the terms in which they are enrolled.  

Use these directions to register for your WRDS account:

Other Account Types

These types of accounts are available for those who aren't full-time Wharton Faculty, Staff or students. 

  • Faculty accounts are available to all standing permanent faculty of member institutions.
    Please note: Lecturers are not eligible for faculty accounts but may apply for a visitor account.
  • Ph.D. accounts are available to all current Ph.D. candidates of member institutions.
  • Research accounts are available to graduate and undergraduate students performing research for a faculty member.
  • Staff accounts can only be requested by support personnel such as librarians and IT support staff of member institutions.
  • Visitor accounts are available to visiting faculty (non-permanent or part-time position, or those on a limited appointment).
  • Masters accounts are available to full-time masters students of member institutions.
  • Class accounts may be requested by standing faculty of member institutions and are used to access the WRDS web interface. These accounts are primarily for student usage that is associated with a specific class, and all students in the class share the same password.


For login problems:

Students: contact Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty: contact our Academic Representative (PennKey login required).

Staff: contact Administrative Support (PennKey login required). 

All other support:

Contact the WRDS Team.