Accessing Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

The Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) is a web-based business data research service. It was developed at Wharton in 1993 to support our faculty's research and is now also used by many other institutions.

Register for a WRDS Account 

Full-Time Wharton Faculty, Staff, and Students

Full-time Faculty, Staff, and Wharton Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students can register for a WRDS account using the instructions below.  Student accounts close 2 years after registration, however, undergraduate students who are still actively affiliated with Penn/Wharton continue to have access during the terms in which they are enrolled.  

Use these directions to register for your WRDS account:

Other Account Types

See other WRDS accounts types if you're an exchange student, visiting faculty, or from an outside institution.


For login problems:

Students: contact Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty: contact our Academic Representative (PennKey login required).

Staff: contact Administrative Support (PennKey login required). 

All other support:

Contact the WRDS Team.