Mobile Printing: Print from Mobile and Laptop

There are two ways to print from a mobile device or laptop:

  • Using MyPrintCenter
  • Email Printing

MyPrintCenter allows you to upload and print documents from your computer, laptop, or mobile device to a Wharton printer via a supported web browser (recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge). 

Email Printing allows you to attach a document for printing to an email. Send that email to the proper address, and then you can release the job at any of Wharton's printers. (You'll need to register your email address before you use this service the first time.)

Before You Start

You will need one or more of the following before you can complete this task: 

  • Internet access
  • Your PennKey username (the username before the "@" in your Wharton email address)
  • Your Wharton Gmail password
  • A registered email in the Print by Email service


Logging into MyPrintCenter

You must use your PennKey username and Wharton Google email password to log into MyPrinterCenter.

  1. Go to in a supported browser (recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge).
  2. Enter your PennKey username in the Username field and your Google email password in the Password field.
  3. Click Log In.

Printing using MyPrintCenter

To print a file, you'll first need to upload it to MyPrintCenter:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Upload button at the top of the Job List.Red Arrow points to Upload button, second from left in Job List tab
  3. Use your operating system's file browser to select the file you want to print. Highlighted document called PrintMe.docx in list of files available to upload.
    Selecting a file in macOS.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. The file will appear in your Job List as "processing."Table showing columns for Select Box, Type and Title. Next to title is the word Processing... in red.
  6. Once processed, it is ready to print using the default Print options. To change any Print options, select the job (by clicking the box next to the job) and use the Print options to print multiple pages on one page, for example.Screen showing print options: Color, Sides, Pages per Slide, Copies, Page Range. The displayed Cost of the print job will update as you select new options.
  7. Find the printer you'd like to print from and tap your PennCard on the terminal.
  8. Select the file you want to print.
  9. Tap Print.

Email Printing

Register for Email Printing

Before you can use Email Printing, you must register your Wharton address. If you want to register using a personal email, you can also do that; follow the same steps but send the initial email from your personal account.

Using Email Printing

There are several stages to printing a document.

Preparing your Document

Icon combining printer and gear.

  1. Make any necessary formatting changes
    • i.e. multiple slides per page
  2. Export the document as a PDF
    • may be located under File > Print
  3. Follow the steps in Printing a Document

Printing a Document

Icon for printer

  1. Attach your document to an email
  2. Send it to
  3. Wait for EmailPrint Notification: All of your documents are ready for release1
  4. Go to a printer and release your job

Color & Duplex Settings

Icon for page and color

  1. Send the document to
  2. Navigate to your MyPrintCenter
  3. Log in2
  4. Select a document & change the settings under Print Options in the bottom-right

1You must receive this email before going to the printer. The larger the attachment, the longer it will take to render and become available to print.

2Use your Pennkey username (without and your Wharton Gmail password.

Managing your Print Jobs

The MyPrintCenter Job List is your hub for managing your MyPrintCenter jobs, including those sent via Email Printing. This screen, which is what you see when you log in, lists all your pending print jobs (if you don't have any pending jobs, the Job List will be empty). You can follow the directions above to upload a file to print. In the screenshot below, there is one document that is pending.

Refer to the Logging into MyPrintCenter section of this article for directions on accessing MyPrintCenter.

Icon showing locations of sections.A is Job List, B is Payment method:, C is Print Options

There are three main sections of the Job List screen:

A. This is the job list itself. Each job listing has several sections:

  • The select box allows you to select a job to either set Print Options (see section C) or delete the job. To delete a job click the select box next to the job, then click the Delete button at the top of the job list. 
  • Type indicates what type of file you're printing. Supported files include standard Office files, PDFs, images, text, and Visio files.
  • Title lists the name of the file uploaded.
  • Print Preview, when clicked, opens a window with a preview of how the document will look when printed.
  • Pages lists the number of pages in the document.
  • Pieces of paper shows you how many sheets of paper this job requires.
  • Submitted Date displays the upload date of the job. Click on this header to sort the job listings by date.
  • Cost is the price of your print job with the selected Print Options. This cost is deducted from your Print Balance after it has been released at a printer (i.e., you'll only pay for jobs you've successfully printed).

B. Payment Method displays your current Print Balance. If you need to add funds, follow these directions.

C. Print Options activate when you select a job from the list. Here you can set options like:

  • Color vs. Black and White
  • Pages per side
  • Single or double-sided.


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