Viewing Class Recordings in Canvas

Before you start 

  • You must be enrolled in a Canvas course site that is set up to distribute class recordings.

To view class recordings

1. Click on Class Recordings.  (If the Class Recordings tab is not visible, no recordings were requested to be made available this way.)

2. Select the recording you'd like to view.

Controlling playback 

There are a number of ways in which you can control the playback of the recording.

  1. Player controls. Change things like the quality and speed of the playback shown in the viewing panes.
  2. Switch viewing panes. Switch back and forth between which video is being shown in the large and small viewing panes.
  3. Download the recording.
  4. Make Discussion comments, Notes, or Bookmarks in the recording.

If any of these features are not visible, you do not have access to use them.


Class Recordings doesn't give you access to a page with videos.

It's possible that your login has timed out. Try logging out of Canvas, logging back in, and then selecting Class Recordings.

Recording you want is not visible.

Wait a little while. With occasional exceptions, recordings are usually available one hour after class. If the recording is not available after 24 hours, the teaching team may not have enabled your access. 

Playback is not streaming well.

Try lowering the quality of the playback. If that doesn't work, move to a location with a more stable, faster network connection.

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