Instruction Center

Instruction Center is Wharton's application for faculty management of courses and their overall classroom experience.  It includes a range of tools to assist with instruction, which are described in greater detail below.

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can use Instruction Center: 

Instruction Center contains the following tools, accessible from the left navigation bar: 

  • Home ScreenSummary view displays current courses, sections, and the number of enrolled students for the current term.
  • Course Resources: Provides basic information and links for any courses that you are managing.  
  • Classlists: Displays an active roster of your section's current students, including student details.
  • Seating: Manage seat assignments, attendance-taking, class participation, and more.
  • Attendance: Manage attendance, absence requests, and video requests for each section.
  • Grading: Submit and change course final grades. (Separate from Canvas' assignment grading functions.)
  • Reports: Access various attendance-related reports.
  • Tech Surveys: Provide Wharton Computing with information on your needs for each teaching semester. 

There are two ways to access the Instruction Center:

Although you can access Instruction Center through Canvas, it is a separate service.

Home Screen

Instruction Center is intuitive, responsive, and works on desktops/laptops, smartphones, or tablets. (Some features and functionality may not be fully available in the mobile-only experience.)

For an overview of the home screen,

Course Resources

The Course Resources tool contains important information and links for any courses you are managing.  

For details on Course Resources,


The Classlists tool displays an active roster of your section's current students and includes a variety of details.



The Seating Chart allows you to place students in designated seats for a specific classroom layout. This helps you take attendance, track class participation, and more.  Generally, an empty seating chart is automatically created for each course in advance.  



The Attendance section of Instruction Center allows faculty to take attendance manually and manage both absence and video requests for their sections.

Students request absences and access to video for many courses using the Attendance and Video Request App (AVA). Instruction Center is where faculty manage those requests. For more details about AVA, and to access some additional reporting features, see the Wharton Attendance and Video Requests App article. 



The Grading tool allows faculty to manually submit final overall grades in a course, either individually for each student or via bulk upload, and to submit grade changes.

This grading tool in Instruction Center is completely separate from the grading functions within Canvas -- final grades must be uploaded via Instruction Center. For more information on the grading options in Canvas, see our Canvas grading capabilities article.

Additional questions about grading? Contact:


The Reports screen contains links to relevant reports for you and your respective section(s).

Tech Surveys

The Tech Surveys section is used by Wharton Computing to gather information on faculty needs for each teaching semester. It also displays links to other relevant surveys involving faculty access to teaching resources.


For additional questions about Instruction Center, please contact: