Antivirus Software: How To Protect Yourself Against Viruses

This article provides information on protecting yourself from viruses, malware, and other malicious software. This includes good protection software to have, helpful tips, and what to do next if you think you've been infected.

Note for Staff: Antivirus software is already managed on work machines for Staff -- you will not need the software listed below.

Antivirus Software

Helpful Tips

If your computer has a virus... (Students)

If you think you have a virus, please stay calm & follow the directions in our Virus Removal article. We also encourage you to call, email, or drop by our Support Office (SHDH 114) in-person so we can help with the situation. 

Faculty & Staff should contact their Academic Representative or IT Support below. 


Faculty & PhD Students: Academic Distributed Representatives

Staff: Administrative Support

Students: Wharton Computing Student Support