FutureView: How to Access

FutureView is a simulation that is part of some sections of MKTG 612. This page explains how to access the FutureView sim if you are a student playing the game.

Before You Start 

You  need the following: 

  • The email invitation to register for FutureView that you were sent.  
    • You may need to search your Inbox for "FutureView" or check your spam folder.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Follow the instructions in the e-mail you received to register for FutureView .
  2. If you've already registered but forgot your password, go to http://futureview-wharton.deckspire.com/ and click Forgot your password to reset your password.


Contact: Learning Lab

Email: learninglab@wharton.upenn.edu with your class, section, and question.

More information about the simulation can be found here: http://simulations.wharton.upenn.edu/solutions/futureview/ .