All about grading

The article describes basic Canvas grading capabilities. There are advanced features that may also be of interest.

Before You Start 

You will need a Canvas site containing graded assignments.

General Information

There are many features you can use in grading student work.

Using the Gradebook

The Gradebook lets you enter and post assignment scores for your students, and allows you to...

Using SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader is focused on grading and feedback on submissions, allowing you to...

Downloading Assignments

You can download submitted work individually or in a single batch.

Hiding/Revealing Grades

Canvas sites are configured to hide all grades unless they are revealed, or posted.  (This was formerly known as muting.)

Exporting and Importing

You can export and import to the gradebook. 

Setting a Late Policy

You can now apply automatic grading rules to missing and late submissions.

Arranging, Sorting, and Filtering

You can arrange, sort, and filter your gradebook in a number of ways. 

Grading Offline

You can grade submissions offline and then upload the results to Canvas.

At Wharton, the Canvas Gradebook is where assignment scores can be entered;
however, final course grades are submitted through Instruction Center Grade Submission.