Video Conferences for Instruction

Wharton offers two different video conferencing options for instruction: BlueJeans and Zoom (for a comparison, see BlueJeans v. Zoom).

All Wharton students, faculty, and staff have access to both BlueJeans and Zoom.

Before You Start 
You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  • An active PennKey account
  • Faculty and Staff: admin access to your devices (to install the app)
  • A wired/Ethernet connection if possible (recommended for the instructor)

The recommended way to schedule a meeting depends on whether you are creating a meeting with a few individuals outside of a Canvas classroom, or for your class using Canvas. 

Scheduling a Meeting Through Canvas (Recommended for Instruction and Classes)

We recommend using Canvas to create your meetings, since it will take care of scheduling for the class, providing the link to all class participants, and will preserve the privacy of your personal meeting account. 

Note:  We recommend that the professor create the meeting in Canvas (rather than asking a TA to do it). If you create the meeting in Canvas, be sure to edit the meeting details through Canvas instead of BlueJeans or Zoom.


For step-by-step instructions on how to schedule a BlueJeans meeting through Canvas, click Read More:


All BlueJeans class meetings should be recorded. The recordings will appear in the "Recorded BlueJeans Meetings" section of the BlueJeans tab on Canvas. They can also be accessed via the Recording tab at in the account of the person who scheduled the meeting.

If you'd like your BlueJeans recordings to show up in the "Class Recordings" tab, follow these instructions.


For step-by-step instructions on how to schedule a Zoom meeting through Canvas, click Read More:


Any Zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas (see the above instructions) and set to record will have its recording automatically posted to "Class Recordings" in the Canvas section shortly after the meeting ends.

Recurring meetings will all have the same title, but are differentiated by the dates included in the recording description.


For additional help and support: