Sharing Your iPad or iPhone Screen with Zoom

Zoom on a Mac or PC allows you to share the screen of an iPad, or iPhone, with your meeting. This enables you to use your iPad as a whiteboard that your fellow meeting attendees can see, or you can show a PowerPoint presentation from your iPad and use the touchscreen to annotate as you present.

The way you set up your sharing will depend on whether you are using a home network or whether you are on campus, using Penn's wifi network AirPennNet. Choose the directions below that apply to your use case.

Sharing iDevices on AirPennNet (Campus Wifi)

Because of security features in place, the AirPennNet wifi network will not allow Zoom on a Mac or PC to share the screen of an iPad or iPhone.  Instead, those on campus can:

  • Open Zoom on an iPad or iPhone and then share directly from that device. 
  • Use the "Wired" option detailed below; this is available for Macs only.

Sharing iDevices using a Mac on a Home Network

With Zoom for the Mac, you have two options for sharing your iPad/iPhone screen: wirelessly or via a wire.



Sharing an iDevice on a Home Network from a PC

Before you attempt to share your iPad’s screen, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Your iPad/iPhone and PC must be on the same network.
  • Zoom client for Windows 3.5.27094.0918 or later.
  • This only works with the following iOS devices: iPhone 4 or later; iPad; iPad mini, 4th generation or later

For directions,


Sharing your iPad/iPhone screen allows you to use your favorite apps to teach. A couple of popular apps for whiteboarding and annotating include:

  • Notability - A full-featured app that allows you to treat your iPad like a whiteboard.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint on the iPad supports a few options for annotating your presentation.