Computing Availability During COVID-19

Restrictions due to COVID-19 may limit on-campus access to some public computing resources. We'll use this page to update you on the current status of public computing resources.

Please be aware that this document may change over time in order to remain in alignment with University policy. We recommend checking back frequently.


Here are options if you need to print around campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional features are being investigated to further reduce COVID-19 related health risks, and will be introduced as they become available.

  • On-Campus Printing. Printing is currently available to students, though in a limited capacity. To promote social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, available printers have been limited to the following locations:
    • Huntsman Hall (JMHH)
      • Forum level (3 printers)
      • 2nd floor hallway (2 printers)
      • 3rd floor hallway (2 printers)
    • Steinberg-Dietrich Hall (SHDH)
      • Ground floor by Room 107 (2 printers)
    • Wharton Academic Research Building (ARB)
      • 1st floor printer area (1 printer)
    • Coming soon: Tangen Hall (TGN)
      • 2nd Floor hallway (1 printer)
      • 3rd floor hallway (1 printer)
  • Off-Campus Printing. We recommend using  Campus Copy
  • Purchase a printer. We recommend a multi-function printer so you can scan documents if needed.

For more information on printing, start with Printing at Wharton.

Public Computing

Here are options for accessing a public computer: 

  • Use a personal computer to access our Virtual Lab from anywhere. The capacity has been increased to accommodate an anticipated increase in volume.
  • Public workstations and computer labs are currently available in Wharton buildings. However, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID please consider exercising social distancing where possible.

For more information on public computing, see the section on Public Computers and Technology .

Group Study Rooms (GSRs)

  • Wharton's Group Study Rooms (GSRs) are available for use. Please reserve them in advance using the GSR Reservation system.

Bloomberg Terminals

During the current extended campus restrictions, Lippincott  Library has been providing students with remote access to Bloomberg terminal services on request. This service will be available through the end of December 2021. 

The physical terminals for Bloomberg service that are located in JMHH will therefore remain offline for the time being, but will be returned to service in January 2022.

For information about accessing Bloomberg remotely through Lippincott Library, please email: