Completing a FeedbackFruits Peer Evaluation

Before You Start 

Evaluating a Group Member

When evaluating your peers in FeedbackFruits, please note that the criteria components differ among assignments. For example, your instructor could require feedback in the form of just comments, a scale rating with a certain point range, a rubric, or a combination of all three. The example below depicts both comment and scale criteria.

1. Scroll to Give feedback to group members:

Screen shows Give Feedback to group members, and lists users.

2. Click on the name of the person you will evaluate, or click Start Reviewing:

Give feedback to group members.

3. If the assignment requires feedback in the form of comments, you can select Write feedback. If there is a scale rating criterion requirement, you can drag the slider shown below to rate the review recipient on a certain point scale:

Overview of your review work.

Screen highlights the slider rater, located at bottom of screen.

The review work depicted above may differ depending on the assignment setup. 

4. You can return to your work at any time by selecting Finish Later:

Overview of your review work. Finish later button highlighted

5. When finished, you'll see ✓ Review Complete next to the  group member you evaluated.

Screen highlights green check and Review Complete in review column.

To evaluate another group member, simply repeat steps 2-5.


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