Completing a FeedbackFruits Peer Evaluation

Before You Start 

  • You must be enrolled as a student in a Canvas course site that contains a FeedbackFruits Peer Evaluation
  • You must belong to  a group or course section that has been assigned a peer evaluation

Evaluating a group member

1. Go to "Give feedback to group members." 


2. Click on the name of the person you will evaluate.


3. Click on Write to place responses where prompted.


4. Click Post when finished.


5. Click "←" to return to the ratings screen.


6. Click and drag the slider scales to adjust your ratings.

7. Click Done when you are finished with the evaluation.

8. When finished, you'll see ✓ Review Complete next to the  group member you evaluated.

To evaluate another group member, simply repeat steps 2-7.


Contact: Wharton Computing IDEA Courseware Team