Exam Accommodations

If a student in your course has an approved accommodation from Student Disabilities Services (SDS) or needs to take an exam at a different time than the rest of the class because of their time zone or a personal reason, you should ensure that reasonable accommodations can be made for quizzes and exams. It is the responsibility of the teaching team to set up these accommodations in Canvas Quizzes or reach out to the Courseware team for assistance. 

Fortunately, Canvas makes it easy to give individual students additional time and extended availability windows for quizzes without having to make separate versions of the assessments. Please contact Courseware with accommodation requests at least 1 business day before the exam is administered.

In the following sections, you'll find information about how to set up extended time accommodations for students in advance of the exam, which is most common. Scroll down to In-Progress Quizzes if you need to allow more time to an exam while students are taking it. 

Availability Window vs. Time Limit

When setting up online exams, it is important to understand the difference between the Availability Window and the Time Limit. The Availability Window is when the exam is open to students (eg, "This assignment is locked until April 28 at 12 pm") and when the exam is locked again (eg, "Available until April 28 at 6 pm"). The Time Limit is a specified amount of time given to students to complete the exam (eg, 60 minutes). 

Important: If your exam is using both availability dates and a time limit, be sure to update both for accommodations.

Availability Windows

  1. To differentiate an availability window for a student with an accommodation, open the quiz (in New Quizzes or Classic Quizzes) and scroll down to the "Assign to" field. 
  2. After setting the Due Date and Available from/Until dates, click the "+Add" button to create a second "Assign to" field. 
  3. Start typing the first few letters of the student's name and select their name from the student list that appears. You can assign a different Availability Window to multiple students or to different sections of students. 
  4. Enter the new Due Date and Available from/Until dates for these students. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you have multiple Availability Windows to add. Click "Save" when you are finished. 

Notes: Individual students can only be assigned one (1) Availability Window. Students will see only the Due Date and Available from/Until dates assigned to them, not their peers.

Allowing Extra Time Before Exam Starts

In addition to adding extra Availability Windows, you can extend the time limit of a quiz for individual students without adjusting the time limit for the rest of the class (eg, if the quiz is timed for 120 minutes and some students are granted 50% more time, or 180 minutes, you can give those students extra time without changing the time limit for the rest of the class). Both New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes allow you to change or remove time limits for individual students. This should be done in the Moderate tabs before students start taking the quiz.

New Quizzes

Classic Quizzes

Allowing Extra Time for In-Progress Exams

Note: It is not possible to give a student additional time while they are taking an exam using New Quizzes. You can allow them another attempt, but not additional time.

Classic Quizzes

  1. If a student has an emergency or technical issue while they are taking a quiz using Classic Quizzes, you can open Moderate This Quiz, then click the clock icon next to the student's remaining time. Classic Quizzes give extra time on in-progress attempt

2. Enter the amount of extra time to give the student and select to apply the extra minutes to the current end time of the quiz. Then click Extend Time. The extra time will be applied to the student's in-progress attempt and their countdown clock will be updated.

Classic Quizzes extend quiz time


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