Rules of Engagement (ROE): Troubleshooting Issues

Rules of Engagement (ROE) is a simulation that is used in Marketing department courses.

If the ROE simulation screen doesn't behave as expected, follow these steps to troubleshoot.

Before You Start 

You will need  the following before you can complete this task: 

  • Log into the Canvas Course using ROE
  • Launch ROE from the "Modules" tab of the Canvas course

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Chrome is the preferred browser.  Switch to Chrome if you're using a different browser.
  2. Refresh your browser.
  3. Completely exit out of your browser, and relaunch ROE from the "Modules" tab of the Canvas course.
  4. If ROE seems slow, close your other windows or tabs. (Web apps generally work better if there are no other browser windows or tabs opened.)


Contact: Learning Lab

Email: with your class, section, and question.

For more information on the ROE simulation: