Copying from one Canvas site to another

This article provides explains how to copy content from one course site to another. Find a list of your past and current courses with All Courses.

Using the Import Tool

Canvas provides an import tool that allows you to choose which items to copy. Choose Select specific content instead of copying everything. Since you can import content repeatedly, it pays to be conservative.

Please make sure to review all copied material.

  • Unpublish or restrict files that should not be visible to students.
  • Ensure that all assignments and quizzes are published or unpublished, as you prefer.
  • Revise assignments, quizzes and calendar events to ensure they reflect the new due/availability dates. 
    • You may set new dates by checking Adjust events and due dates when importing content. (You can also define day substitutions, like moving all Tuesday items to Wednesdays.) Canvas extrapolates these new dates, but you should carefully review dates for accuracy.
  • Check carefully to ensure that all copied group assignments are linked to existing group sets in People. During a course site import, all group Assignments will be assigned to a single group set called Project Groups.
  • Do not attempt to copy  the link to Study.Net materials; each course pack is unique and specific to the course for which it is created.

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