Cohort and Class Lists

This article details how cohort and class lists work at Wharton, and how to use them.

For information on individual and group mailing lists, see Mailing Lists: Overview.

Before you start:

You may need one or more of the following before you can complete this task:

  • An active Wharton account
  • An active PennKey account

Class Lists: Sending Email

Wharton class email lists are moderated. When you send email to your class list the mail goes to a designated staff person in your Program office who will review the mail before approving it. The class list format is ("xx" indicates the last 2 digits of the graduation year):

MBA Class List:

Undergrad Class List:

For example:

  • The Class List for the Wharton MBA Class of 2022 is: 
  • The Class List for the Wharton Undergraduate Class of 2024 is:

If an email you sent has not have gone through, the list owners (the Grad or Undergrad offices) haven’t yet approved it or may have deemed it inappropriate for the list. If you have any further policy questions please contact the following offices:

MBA Students : MBA Program

Undergrad Students: Undergraduate Program

Cohort Lists: Sending Email

Cohort Mailing Lists are only available for Undergraduate students.

Each Undergraduate cohort has a unique mailing list that is refreshed every night with the current email address of each student in the cohort. To send mail to your cohort list you must send the message from the address that's on the list. 

To check or change your cohort list address, use the Forwarding Application. Log in, and check the address under the heading "Your Preferred Destination for Your E-mail Is:". This is the address you want to send email from.

Cohort Lists : Troubleshooting

Email Addresses Must Match

The cohort lists are private, which means only people on the list can send email to it.  In order to email the list, your return address on your email must match the location to which your Wharton email is forwarding. If it doesn’t, the message bounces to the list owner. So, for instance, if you were attempting to send an email to your cohort mailing list from your Wharton account, but you have your Wharton email forwarded to Gmail, it won’t go through. Address forwarding information is updated nightly, so it may take up to a day for a forwarding change to reach the cohort list.

Attachment or Message Size

Did you have a file(s) attached to the message or any graphics in it? If so, another reason it might not have gone through is that the message's size is larger than the list's limits.

Alumni: How to send to Cohort Lists

The alumni mailing lists contain the address to which your alumni forwarding email address points. Use that address to send email to the lists.

Example: If someone sends email to your alumni forwarding address, which you've forwarded to username@gmail, then you should log into that username@gmail account to send mail to the list.


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support


If you have more questions about how your Alumni Mailing Address works, please contact the Alumni Relations office.