Cohort and Class Lists

This article details how cohort, course and class lists work at Wharton, and how to use them.

For information on individual and group mailing lists, see Mailing Lists: Overview.

Before you start:

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  • An active Wharton account
  • An active PennKey account

Student-focused Services

Class Lists

Wharton class email lists refer to the mailing lists for your entire class (e.g. Wharton Undergraduates Class of '26). 

Cohort Lists

Each Undergraduate cohort has a unique mailing list that is refreshed every night with the current email address of each student in the cohort.

Cohort Mailing Lists are only available for Undergraduate students.

Course Lists

The University Classlist Service provides a way to send an email directly to all of the members of your course. These lists are created automatically by the enrollment of the class. Students must have their email address listed in the Penn Directory in order to be included on the list. If you are enrolled in a class and would like to be able to email the entire class you can ask your instructor for your class’s class list email address.

For more information on Course/Class lists, see Penn's ISC Class Mailing Lists article.

Faculty-focused Services

Several features of the faculty tools available provide additional methods of communicating with students.

Alumni and Lists

Cohort lists are no longer available for alumni. If you are a Wharton Magazine Class Notes correspondent who has used these lists for outreach to your class, please contact the Alumni magazine at for updated outreach guidelines.

MyPenn is a good way to get in touch with other fellow alumni. If you have more questions about how your Alumni Mailing Address works, please contact the Alumni Relations office.


If you need help with Classlists or receive an error, contact your Wharton Computing representative.