Installing the Outlook Add-in for Zoom

The Zoom Outlook Add-in makes it easy to create Zoom meetings without having to leave Outlook.

There is also an Outlook Zoom plug-in, which is an application and which we do NOT recommend installing. The Add-In is a native integration in Microsoft Office AppSource.

Zoom Add In
Zoom Plug In - NOT Recommended
The Zoom Add In icons in OutlookThe Zoom Plug In icons in Outlook

In order to use the Zoom Outlook Add-in you need:

  • A Penn Zoom account.
  • Outlook 2013, 2016, or newer configured with your PennO365 account


  1. Launch Outlook and click the Store or Get Add-ins in the top menu bar.
    The top menu bar of Outlook on Windows.
    The Get Add-ins button in Outlook highlighted with a red box

  2. The Office Add-ins browser will appear. Search for Zoom using the search field in the upper right corner.
    The Add-Ins for Outlook search screen with Zoom entered into the top right search field

  3. Click Zoom for Outlook and then click Add to install:
    The Zoom for Outlook add-in entry with a blue

  4. Now when you create a new Meeting or Appointment on your Outlook calendar you’ll see two Zoom add-in icons added to the top menubar: “Add a Zoom Meeting” and “Settings.”
    The Zoom add-in icons in the Mac Outlook top menubar, highlighted with a red box

  5. The first time you click Add a Zoom Meeting you’ll need to log into your Penn Zoom account. Choose Sign in with SSO on the login screen that appears.
    The Zoom sign in window with email and password fields

  6. For domain, enter: upenn . Click Continue.
    The Sign in with SSO window with a domain field which is filled with

  7. Enter your PennKey credentials and click Log in.
    The PennKey login screen

  8. After you sign in, the Zoom add-in will create a Zoom meeting for that appointment and add the details:
    An Outlook meeting request with Zoom details

Signing Out of the Zoom Add-in

If you want to sign out of the Zoom Outlook Add-in for any reason it is pretty simple.

  1. Launch Outlook, switch to your calendar and create a new Meeting or Appointment.

  2. In the Meeting or Appointment menubar click the Zoom Settings icon (it is an icon of a blue gear).

  3. The Zoom settings panel appears. Click Sign Out in the lower right corner.
    The Zoom settings panel with a very small Sign Out link at the bottom right, with a red arrow pointing to it.

  4. To sign in again follow the instructions in the first section of this article.

Zoom Documentation

Zoom has more details about what you can use their Outlook Add-in for in their KB: