Delivering online exams

This article describes how to best deliver an exam through Canvas.

Before You Start 

Give Courseware at least one week's notice to prepare an exam for delivery through Canvas. Note that we will not convert paper exams into online formats.

Exam venue

You can deliver an exam in a Wharton lab, or in your classroom.

Preventing cheating

There are several ways to prevent cheating during online exams.


A quiz can be given during a precise time period (e.g., October 4, 2017, 4:30pm-6pm), or can be made available during a longer period, but for a limited duration (e.g, the student only has an hour to complete it, and it must be taken and submitted at some point during the week of Oct 2-6, 2017).  

Student accommodations

You may have students that have been granted accommodations by Penn's Office of Student Disabilities Services; the Provost's Office has issued general guidelines for faculty

Accommodations, such as granting extra time on an online exam, must be made in advance. It is not currently possible to reopen a previous Canvas Quiz for a student to edit after submission.

Configuring a take-home exam

You can create a standard quiz with questions students answer online, or you can have students download a document containing the exam, which   they modify and then upload. 

After-hours Support

Please advise if your exam occurs outside of regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Eastern Time).