Troubleshooting Group Study Rooms (GSRs)

This article describes some common issues that students may encounter in Group Study Rooms (GSRs) and how to fix them or report an issue. If you are having trouble with one of the technologies in the room, see if your question is listed below. If not, or the solution doesn't solve the problem, please submit a ticket to the Student Support Team.

About the Group Study Rooms (GSRs): 

  • To read about reserving GSRs: Reserving Group Study Rooms (GSRs)
  • Please see the following article on proper usage of the GSRs: Group Study Rooms Policy.
  • You can connect your laptop to a GSR monitor using the monitor cables, or connect wirelessly, depending on which GSR you are using.  
  • To log into the GSR resident computer, you must have active Pennkey and Wharton accounts.
  • USB ports:  All GSR computers have USB ports for flash drives. 
    • GSR Resident Computers: these are micro form-factor PCs mounted in brackets under the shelf beneath the monitor. Please do not unplug any of the USB connections already in place, as this may compromise in-room functionality.
    • Charging ports: with the exception of the center cluster of 4 USB ports (for keyboard and mouse use), the USB ports along the shelf under the monitor may be used for charging devices.
  • NOTE: Students from another college at Penn who are taking a Wharton class are not able to reserve GSRs in Huntsman Hall. However, GSRs, as well as multi-media rooms, café study booths, and seminar rooms can be reserved at Van Pelt Library with a Pennkey (click here for more info). 

Troubleshooting GSRs

I am not able to log in

If you are having trouble logging in, please review the following steps.

The computer/monitor/mouse/keyboard is not functioning properly

Wharton San Francisco Students please contact or visit the I.T. Helpdesk if you need assistance with the equipment in a GSR.

If you are having trouble with a Group Study Room, here are some things to try:

  • Problems with Monitors
    1. Unplug and reconnect the monitor.
    2. Turn monitor off and back on.
    3. Double-check that the Output switch (in the Computer Cabinet) is set to 1.
  • Problems with Mouse/Keyboard
    1. Shut down the Computer.
    2. Unplug and reconnect the mouse/keyboard.
    3. Turn the Computer back on.
  • Problems with Computer
    1. Shut down and restart the computer.
    2. Doublecheck that the Output switch (in the Computer Cabinet) is set to 1.

The whiteboard is missing markers

If the whiteboard markers are not in the room, send email to

I can't lock the GSR using the combination keypad

When the GSRs were first built there was a swipe/combination locking system available to help manage the reservations. This feature has been disabled, since you can now reserve rooms online. If no one is using the room, it's available for anyone to walk in and use.

Troubleshooting Forum Level GSRs with Touch Panels

I walked into the room, and nothing is working

  • Find the touch panel to the right of the display.  Is it blank?  Touch it, and the display should turn on.

The touch panel is on, but it’s not responding when I press it

  • The touch panel is likely frozen, and it will need to be addressed by a technician.  You will need to find a new room to use, but we want to know you had a problem.  Please let us know by submitting a ticket.

The touch panel says the display is warming up, but nothing’s happening

  • Check for a little light on the bottom right of the display.  If the light is green, try clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.  The PC should come up within a second or two. 
  • If the light is red, the display didn’t turn on.  Press the System Shutdown button on the touch panel, wait a few seconds for it to shut down and return to the welcome screen, and press the touch panel again to turn the system on again.  You can also try to switch between sources on the touch panel by pressing HDMI, wait a few seconds, then pressing Resident PC again. 

My Laptop won’t display

  • Ensure that you’ve selected the correct source on the touch panel, either HDMI or VGA, and that it is plugged securely into your laptop. 
  • Unplug it, and plug it in again. 
  • If it still doesn’t display, try the following: 
    • Mac: it should be automatically detected, but you can select outputs by clicking on System Preferences -> Display
    • PC: Look for the key with a picture of a monitor on it (usually F8).  Press Fn and that key at the same time. 

Troubleshooting Solstice Wireless Display in GSRs

Can’t see the list of displays on my laptop/mobile device

Open the app on your device, click the gear, then settings, and enter the name

Can’t see the room you’re in from your device

Make sure you are logged into the PC in the room and that Solstice Display is open.  It may take a few seconds for your device to see the newly opened program.

Trouble scrolling when in Full Screen Mode

If you're in full screen mode, there is no way to scroll.  You need to minimize or exit the system, choose a new screen, and then go back into full screen mode.


Screen displays sideways

If your screen displays sideways you'll need to rotate the picture within the photo app on your phone.  This is a limitation of the software which we are hoping will be remedied in future releases.

Questions or Additional Issues?

Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support