Public Resources for Print, Scan, and Copy

Due to on-campus restrictions, please see Public Computing Availability During COVID-19 for the most current information.

Before You Start 

You might need one or more of the following before you can complete this task: 

  • An active Wharton  account
  • A Wharton printing account with sufficient funds

This article provides information on using Wharton's public Workstations to print, scan and copy.

Printing From a Wharton Public Workstation

To print to a Wharton printer from a public workstation:

  1. In your document, choose Print from the File menu.
  2. Select the right print queue:
    • Wharton Black & White on whartonprint (for black and white printing)
    • Wharton Color on whartonprint (for color printing)
  3. Click Print to send your job to the print queue.
  4. To print out your document at the printer:
    • Go to the printer you would like to print to.
    • For the Xerox printers:
      • Swipe your Penn Card
      • Select your document, and choose Print or Print All
          Select document screen


  • Time-Limit: Documents sent to the print queues are held for 5 hours and can be released from any printer.
  • Duplex Default: Documents printed on the black and white printers are duplex printed by default. To print single-sided, select the single-sided option from the print options.

Copying and Scanning from Wharton's Multifunction Printers 

This section applies to Philadelphia Campus.  
EMBA(San Francisco) students should contact the EMBA Program Office for login information.

In addition to printing, Wharton's multifunction printers also allow you to make copies, and scan images for sending via email.  This service is available on any printers labeled "Multifunction" or "Copy/Print/Scan".

Before you Start:

  1. Make sure the Swipe terminal attached to the printer is lit.  If not, touch it to wake it up.
  2. Make sure the touchpad on the printer is lit. If not, touch the Power Button (on the Black and White printers) or the Energy Saver button (on the Color printers) to wake it up.


  1. On the touchpad of the multifunction printer, press Copy.
  2. Swipe your Penn Card.

    Xerox print options screen

  3. From the Copy menu, choose the options you want. Use the More arrow to navigate through the 3 pages of options available.  (For explanations of each option, press the thumbnail next to that option.)
  4. Place your paper face down on the copier and press Start.

Scan to Email

  1. On the multifunction printer, press Email.

    Email option screen

  2. On the address screen tap New Recipient:

    Email address screen

    Use the keypad to enter the entire email address:
  3. Press Add, and enter any additional addresses if desired.

    Email screen

  4. Press Close.
  5. Place your paper face down on the copier.
  6. Choose the Subject Line.  By default the email subject will be: "Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Device".  To change this, tap "Subject" on the right side of the screen and enter your text.

  7. Make additional changes if desired by tapping the email options tab and use the keypad to enter the desired text.
    Email options screen
  8. When ready to send, press the Green Start button.
  9. Press LOG OFF when you are finished.


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support