Google@Wharton PennKey Transition

Google@Wharton is transitioning to PennKey authentication for all accounts as part of our continuing efforts to secure and simplify the services we offer.

There are four main changes associated with this transition:

  • You'll log in with your PennKey username and password - Google authentication will no longer be used.
  • Primary Email address - You may need to change the primary email address on your Google@Wharton account. Most people have it sent to <pennkey>, which is the required setting for PennKey.
  • "Send As" functionality will be removed - Sending email via your Google@Wharton account with a different email address will no longer work.
  • Google Sites retired - The Google Sites service, which allows people to create websites, will no longer be offered in Google@Wharton.

PennKey Authentication

After the migration, you'll log into your Google@Wharton account using your PennKey username and password. No action is required on your part.

Set Primary Email Address

In order for your PennKey login to work on your Google@Wharton account your primary email address must be set to <pennkey> This is the default setting, and most people will not need to change anything.

Not sure what the primary email address is set to on your Google@Wharton account? Follow these instructions to check what your primary email address on your Google@Wharton account is currently set to and how to update it:

"Send As" functionality

Email functionality hasn't changed for many years, but the world around us has. In response to rising security risks, Google, and other email vendors, have made the practice of sending from one email address as another email address increasingly difficult to support.

Given that we have a limited number of people who make use of this feature with their Google@Wharton accounts and in light of the technical changes needed to allow for PennKey authentication, the "Send As" functionality will no longer be enabled for Google@Wharton accounts post-migration.

Not sure if your account has "Send as" enabled?

With "Send as" enabled, a "From" field appears above the "To" field when you're composing a message with your Google@Wharton account. If you see the "From" field, you have "Send as" enabled.

If your account is configured to "Send as" an email address other than your Wharton email address, you can change it now by following these directions:

Google Sites backup

Post-migration, you will not be able to access any Google Sites you may have created using your Google@Wharton account.

To check to see if you have a Google Site:

  1. Go to
  2. If you aren't logged in already, log into your Google@Wharton account.
  3. Your sites will be listed in the "Recent Sites" section. If nothing is listed, you don't have any Google Sites.

If you do have a Google Site associated with your Google@Wharton account and would like to keep the content, you have two options:

  • Export the contents using Google Takeout. Note that this will get you all your Google Site's content, but it will not preserve the organization of the content.
  • Transfer ownship of your site to a personal Google account. This moves your Google Site, content, and organization intact to another Google account.


Contact Wharton Student Computing with any questions concerning your Google@Wharton account.