Submitting Videos on Canvas

This article contains instructions and best practices for submitting video recordings to Canvas.  

Before You Start 

You will need: 

Recording Your Video

If you’ve never used your iOS device to make videos, we recommend consulting Apple Support and running a few tests first. For example, iPads and iPhones will take a video in portrait mode if the device is held vertically, and videos generally look better filmed in a landscape orientation. 

Recommended File Types: 

Audio: .mp3

Video: .mp4

File Size: 500 MB or less

 Note: We do not recommend recording videos inside Canvas itself. If your wireless connection ends Canvas may lose your recording, and the Courseware team will not be able to recover it.

Submitting Your Video

You can submit your video from a computer, or via the Canvas app on devices like iOS or Android.

Upload your video file as you would a Word document, or .pdf, by submitting the file to an assignment. If your video is long, upload it with a wired connection (ie, not WiFi), which will make for a faster upload and a lower likelihood of an interrupted transmission.

As with most assignments, you can re-submit the video if you  see something you want to correct, and your instructor will see the latest upload by default.