Class recordings

The Penn BlueJeans service was retired on June 30, 2022. Please contact your Wharton Computing Representative with any questions.

Class Recordings refer to videos that are uploaded into the Canvas course. Wharton provides a video service, "Panopto" that any member of the Wharton community can use to create videos.

Before You Start you will need:

  • Membership in a Canvas site in which an instructor has recorded synchronous classes or provided other videos

Access to Class Recordings

To view recordings and other videos in a Canvas site, click the Class Recordings tab in the course navigation bar. The first time you use this service through Canvas, you'll be asked to choose Remember my authorization for this service.

If Class Recordings does not load, make sure your web browser does not block cookies.  Users of the Apple Safari browser or Bitdefender antivirus may need to make further adjustments.

If you are unable to view videos even after logging in, send an issue report or question to:

Working with the Panopto Viewer

Step-by-step instructions for all video viewer features can be accessed at:


  • Most videos expire after the end of the semester.
  • You will not be able to download most videos.  In the rare exceptions when that is permitted,  you will see a down-arrow in the top right of the video page. Do not ask your instructor to answer questions about downloading videos.
  • During COVID-19 remote instruction, synchronous classes will be recorded; for other types of meetings, the choice to record/distribute class sessions lies with the instructor. 
  • Students in the MBA Program for Executives may contact their WEMBA class manager for information about sample class recordings during drop/add (also see your class group in MyWharton). To ask about access to a recording related to an excused absence from a non-remote-instruction meeting for WEMBA, contact your class manager.