MacroSim Practice: How to Access

Macrosim is a simulation that is used in FNCE 613 and other Finance classes.

This article lists the steps for logging into the Macrosim Practice simulation for individual practice. Macrosim Tournament is played in class in teams and you do not need to access ahead of class.

Before You Start 

You  need the following: 

  • The login instructions and credentials for MacroSim Practice that were emailed to you. You may need to search for "MacroSim" in your inbox, and/or check your spam folder.
  • Chrome browser -- MacroSim Practice is NOT supported on other browsers.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Go to Macrosim Practice
  3.  Log in with the credentials sent to you.


Contact: Learning Lab

Email: with your class, section, and question.

More info on Macrosim: