Creating peer evaluations using FeedbackFruits

This article describes one way the FeedbackFruits learning toolkit can be used to establish a Canvas-based assignment in which students evaluate the performance of peers and optionally themselves.

Before You Start 
We recommend that faculty new to FeedbackFruits request a consultation with Courseware before using this tool for the first time.

In FeedbackFruits, a peer evaluation assignment is called a Group Member Evaluation.  These can be:

  • Evaluations of every student in the section - or, more commonly, evaluations within groups in that course (such as each project team).
  • Submitted anonymously by students, if desired.
  • Configured to ethically detect outlier situations

5 columns: Name of Review Recipient, Outliers, Time spent, Comments, Teacher Comments. Box around the Outliers column, with callout for example of

Here's how to set up a Group Member Evaluation in your Canvas course site.

These evaluations take time to configure, so please feel free to ask Courseware for assistance in creating yours.