AWS Linked Accounts and Budget Codes

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Linked Accounts enable Wharton staff and faculty to log into AWS services using their Pennkey credential.  This article explains the policies and procedures for getting an account.

Applies to: Wharton AWS Linked Accounts

Enforced by: Wharton Computing, Wharton Finance and Administration
Effective date: 2/14/2021

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can create an account: 

  • a valid Pennkey.
  • a valid Budget Code (This must be complete, including only digits, with no 'xxxx').
  • an email address to associate with the AWS Linked Account (this can be an address or a mailing list).


Linked Account charges are assigned to a master billing account that is paid by Wharton Finance and Administration. The costs are then charged back to the budget code associated with the Linked Account. All AWS-linked accounts are assigned to one or more budget codes so that AWS charges are charged to the appropriate Wharton entity.


  • Linked Account An AWS user account that is linked to the Wharton AWS master billing accounts.
  • Master Billing Account An AWS user account that all linked account charges roll up to.


This policy only addresses the assignment of costs. Linked-account owners are responsible for ensuring they do not exceed budgeted costs.

Account Policy

When a new AWS-linked account is created it must be assigned at least one budget code. The Object Code in the budget code must be 5308 (070-9999-9-999999-5308-9999-9999).

Wharton Computing will confirm the budget code annually with the account owner.  Budget codes can be changed, but should not be changed more than once every six months. Wharton Computing strongly prefers that a single budget code be assigned to a single linked account. More than one budget code can be assigned to a linked account under these conditions:

  • The linked account is billed for at least $300 every three months.
  • No more than three budget codes are assigned to a single linked account.
  • The percentage for each budget code is explicitly defined (for example: 70% for budget code A and 30% for budget code B).

Requesting an Account

To request an account, contact the SP (Strategic Partner) who supports your area.


Budget Codes / Financial Considerations: Wharton Computing Enterprise Solutions and Services (

Account Setup / Troubleshooting: Contact your Wharton Computing Strategic Partner (SP)