Change Your PennKey Username

This article contains directions and guidelines for changing your PennKey username. 

Can I Change My PennKey Username?

If you already have a PennKey username and wish to change it, the University requires that you meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • You have legally changed your name.
    • If this is your situation, please start by updating your official University record through your Program Office. 
  • Your PennName is judged offensive to the Penn Community.
  • You are being harassed or threatened through email.

If you meet these criteria, please contact explaining your situation.

If you do not meet these criteria, you are not eligible for a name change. The rules on this are quite strict; for more, please see the University's PennKey FAQs under Can I change my PennKey username after I register it? 

Workaround: Alumni Forwarding Address (Students)

If you're not eligible for a PennKey username change, there is a workaround. As a Wharton student, you also have access to an alternate email alias called your Alumni Forwarding Address (AFA). This alias can be used in place of your short address, allowing you to keep your current PennKey for sign-in purposes, but use the AFA as your main means of email. 


Students: Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty: Academic Distributed Representatives (PennKey login required)

Staff: Administrative Support (PennKey login required)