WeConnect for Wharton Executive Education

Using WeConnect (for Executive Education)

Before You Start 

You will need to: 

  • A login username and password provided to you by a Wharton program

If you are using WeConnect for something other than a Wharton Executive Education program, please see this article.

Connecting to WeConnect for Online Class

Before you get started, you’ll need:

  1. A comfortable learning space: Ideally, this should be a well-lit area with minimal background noise and distractions.
  2. A compatible device: PC, Mac or iPad. We highly recommend using a laptop or desktop for the best class experience.
  3. A compatible browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Firefox is not recommended.
  4. A webcam and microphone: We recommend using an HD webcam (720p or 1080p) for best results. If you’ll be in a quiet space, using the built-in webcam microphone and laptop speakers should be ok. If there will be any background noise, we recommend using a headset with integrated microphone. 
Remember to stay muted when you’re not talking to create the best learning environment for you and your classmates. For recommended hardware options, visit Wharton Computing’s support website.

Instructions to Connect

  1. Click on the link to join the virtual class portal (https://wharton.edu.barco.com).
  2. Select Login with email address and login with the credentials you have been provided.
    Welcome page PennKey Logon application highlighted.

You will likely see a Privacy policy message when you first login. Please read through the Privacy policy and then click I have read.
Privacy policy pop up,

Testing Your Setup

Click on Test your setup to ensure your camera, speakers and microphone are working correctly.
Wharton weConnect page, Test your setup button highlighted in upper right corner.

You’ll need to allow your web browser to use your microphone and camera. Here are examples of what you might see in Chrome and Safari. Click Allow.
Allow button highlighted in lower right corner of wharton.edu.barco.com wants to use your camera and use your microphone drop down.


Depending on the type of computer you have, you may get additional prompts to allow access to the camera and microphone. Please click Allow or Ok on these prompts.

Steps to Test Your Setup

  1. Select the camera you plan on using and make sure you can see your video.
  2. Click on Test audio to make sure your speakers or headphones work.
  3. Select the microphone you plan on using and make sure the bar turns green when you speak.
    Test your setup page. 1) Image of user in camera application. Left side of screen. 2) Audio output, upper right side of screen. 3) Microphone application, lower left side of screen. Done button in lower right section of screen.


Joining Class

After logging into the Virtual Class website, you will be presented with a calendar and roster of Classes. By default, your upcoming classes are shown for the current week. Change weeks or view by month to see into future classes.

Scheduled Sessions application page. Button to show days of month scheduled highlighted in center of screen.

Once you find the correct class session, click Join Now to join your online class. You can join up to 15 minutes before class starts.

Scheduled Sessions application page. Countdown to meeting start on right side of application, above                                                                                   

Make sure all the correct devices are selected and each is working. You can mute your microphone or camera before entering class by clicking on the corresponding icon. When you are ready to join, click on Join session.
Your avatar application page with camera activation button highlighted and

In-Class Layout

You are now in the WeConnect meeting platform! You will see multiple content sources on the left, your video preview at the bottom and the Chat/Q&A/Polling pane to the right. The primary content source will display in the large middle pane. The secondary source will be at the top-right. Your instructor will set a default view for the course.
Image of Wharton Class view of meeting. Chat in lower right corner, screens of other viewers on left side of screen, presentation in center.


Click on any content source on the left to make it the primary content in the middle.
Other viewers on left side of screen.


Move your mouse over any content source to bring up the option to select it as a secondary source or launch it in a new window.
Click to select as secondary source button highlighted on content window.

Click here to see classmates with raised hand button in upper left corner. Click here to raise your hand and mute/unmute button highlights, lower right button.

Screenshot of chat and poll box.



More WeConnect Resources

If you have any trouble connecting to class, Wharton Computing will be available to help.