Life@Wharton / LCD Screen Help

The Life@Wharton module provides snapshots of life at Wharton. You can submit information for upcoming events and school-related activities to this channel; once your image is approved it will appear in MyWharton and on the LCD monitors throughout Huntsman Hall. 

Slides for screens that display Undergraduate (UGR) content are approved by the Undergraduate Program, and slides for screens displaying MBA content are approved by the MBA program office.

Before You Start 

You will need: 

  • An active Wharton Account
  • Recommended Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

Life@Wharton Policies

  • Slides must be submitted at least 3 days in advance.
  • Only images for school-related activities, or related to "Life at Wharton" will be approved. This does not include material about personal activities or commercial enterprises.
  • School administrators have the right to refuse any submission.
  • For images advertising an event, there is a limit of one posting per event.
  • There is a 2-week posting limit for Life@Wharton images.

Creating an Life@Wharton Image

Optimal Image size for Life@Wharton is 800 pixels wide by 450 pixels high, but up to 1280x720 should work. This size correlates to the standard widescreen format (16:9). There are many free photo editors available, such as Canva, that enable cropping and re-sizing or you can see our instructions below for creating a Life@Wharton image using PowerPoint. Things to keep in mind are:

  •  Uploaded images must be either .jpg, .gif, or .jpeg files.
  • Please use RGB Color Mode. Photos cannot be in CMYK Color Mode.
  • The file size must be less than 200KB.
  •  The file name can only contain letters, numbers and underscores. No spaces are allowed.

Creating a Life@Wharton Image using PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint is an easy way to create an image that is sized correctly for the LCD monitors around campus.

  1.  Open the Powerpoint file.
  2. Click on the Design Tab.
  3. Click on the Page Setup (or Slide Size) option to bring up the Page Setup dialog box.
  4.  From the Slides Sized For: drop down box select the 16:9 option and click OK.
  5. Select Save AsOther Formats.
  6. In the Save As dialog box pick a location, select JPEG File (*.jpg) from the Save as type: dropdown box, and click the Save button.

This file can be uploaded to Life@Wharton and will automatically be sized appropriately to 1280 pixels by 720 pixels.  

Wharton's Marketing and Communications division provides templates and other tips on presentations that may be useful:

Upload a Life@Wharton Image

  1. Log into Life@Wharton .
  2. Click Create a New Slide.
  3. Select the channel you would like the slide displayed to. If you want to share your slide in multiple channels, you need to complete a separate submission for each channel.

Follow the onscreen directions to post your slide.

Once your image has been submitted, the appropriate administrators will be automatically notified for approval.  If you haven't heard confirmation within 24 hours, you can reach out to:

Delete or Change Life@Wharton Images 

To delete or change an image, log in and select My Slides from the navigation bar. You will have access to edit or delete.

Troubleshooting Life@Wharton

  • Life@Wharton Image Does Not Appear
    If you've submitted your image to Life@Wharton but it hasn't been posted after 24 business hours, contact the appropriate program office to request more information.


Staff: Admin Computing

Students: Wharton Student Computing