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Unannounced Change to Canvas New Quizzes: Save before Build

As of March 20, instructors and others working with New Quizzes must save the assignment due and availability dates for a quiz before the editing features -- Build, Settings, Reports, Moderate, and Preview -- will appear. 
  • TIP: If working with a copy of a New Quiz from a past course, it's fine to remove the due and availability dates and then press Save. Fill in updated dates later when you are ready to Save & Publish.
  • UPDATE: We learned on March 22 that this behavior of New Quizzes will remain as-is for the near future. We're awaiting guidance from Penn's supplier for Canvas on further improvement plans.
Please feel free to contact the IDEA Courseware Team with any questions.

Canvas's New Quizzes has been in use in select courses at Wharton since Spring 2019, and it will eventually replace Classic Quizzes in December 2022. New Quizzes offers many benefits for remote exams, including an easy-to-use quiz building environment.

Creating a Quiz

To create a new quiz...

Question Types

Your quiz can include a mix of automatically and manually graded questions.

Item Banks

Use Item Banks to pull all questions or a specific number of questions randomly from a pool. This is a good way to add variety to the exam and/or keep similar questions together. 

  1. To create an Item Bank, open any quiz in New Quizzes or create a New Quiz and navigate to the quiz builder page (by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page). The click the 3-dot options menu in the top right corner (next to Return). 
  2. Click "Manage Item Banks" >" +Bank." Give the bank a name and click "Create Bank.
  3. To add questions, click on the name of the newly created bank and click "+New." Click "Done" after creating each question. Your questions will be automatically saved in the Item Bank. Click "Return" to go back to the quiz builder.
  4. To insert banked questions into a quiz, open the quiz and click the "+" icon as if you were going to create a new question. 
  5. Click the piggy bank icon, then click on the name of a specific Item Bank. 
  6. Click the "All/Random" button, then close the item bank by clicking the "X" in the top left corner of the Item Banks tab.
  7. Back in the quiz, click to "Edit" the new question, then under the Question selection options, choose whether to "Use all questions" or "Randomly select questions." Enter the points per question, and click "Done."

Note: Questions pulled from the same Item Bank must have the same number of points. 

Item Bank question selection, all or random