Calendar and Appointment Sign-ups

This article describes the Canvas calendar, and how to use appointment sign-ups.

Before You Start 

You need the following: 

  • For appointments: Membership in a course site that has appointment signups and a web browser - Currently, students cannot use the Canvas Student app to reserve an appointment. 
  • For group/team-based appointments: An existing group signup or membership (usually found under People in the course site)

Using the Calendar

The Canvas calendar (not to be confused with MyWharton) displays all your assignments and other course events. You can filter your calendar by course,  subscribe from Outlook or other apps.

You can subscribe to your Canvas calendar feed in Outlook, Google calendar, or any application that reads iCal feeds.  Canvas also makes a downloadable .ics file available for import, but this will not enable you to receive updates. 

 Here is some documentation you may find helpful.

Note: At this time, it's not possible to subscribe only to specific courses in the Calendar Feed.

There are so many calendar applications and platforms available that we can't provide instructions for them all. If you are having trouble subscribing to your Canvas calendar, please feel free to write to us and let us know what application, device, and operating system you're using!

Signing up for an appointment

Using Appointment Sign-ups

You may receive a notification about the appointment; if not, you can locate the sign-up yourself in a web browser only:

  • Click Calendar in the left navigation bar.
  • IMPORTANT:  Select Find Appointment on the right-side (you may need to scroll down the page).
  • In the pop-up box that appears, choose the proper course, then press Submit.

  • Click on the desired time slot, then press Reserve.

Screen shot of desired time slot; Reserve is button in lower left.

The time slot you reserved will turn gray, indicating a successful reservation. The appointment will then appear on your calendar and eventually in the Coming Up list on your Dashboard.

Note:  If all available appointments have been reserved in your section, or if you are trying to sign up for a group appointment when you are not a member of a group, you'll see this message:

Pop-up banner:

Canceling or Changing an Appointment

For appointments where you are allowed only one sign-up, you'll be asked if you'd like to cancel your old reservation in favor of the new one. For all others, click the time slot to make its reservation form appear, then click Un-reserve and give a reason for the deletion. You can then choose a new time slot. 

Group Sign-ups

Certain appointments are intended for group signup, and you cannot see or reserve a slot unless you are already a member of a group. A reservation by any member of the group is a reservation for the entire group, so be sure to check with your group before reserving or canceling a reservation.