Logging into Zoom

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  • Penn Zoom account - In order to activate your account, you must log in at least once with your PennKey.

When logging into Penn Zoom, the three most important things to know are:

Note: You may want to log into the same meeting with more than one device (e.g. to monitor chat in a separate window); see Zoom's article for more information.

Note: If you get an error or do not have access to certain features, you may be logged in with your Personal Zoom. Please make sure you are logged into Penn Zoom, in order to get proper access to platforms/features. If a professor signs in as a guest, they won’t be able to share a screen as host.  Classes may not be recorded if a professor is a logged in with their Personal Zoom.

Expand the directions for the device you’re attempting to log in with below.

On the Web

With the Mac Native App

With the Windows Native App

With the iOS App (iPhone or iPad)

With the Android App (Android Phone or Tablet)

Additional Resources

These resources may be helpful:  


For more information, see the related articles on this page or contact your Wharton IT representative.