Club Websites and Club Email Account Information (Students)

In this article, you can find out how to set up an email account and website for your Wharton club. 

Before You Start 

You might need one or more of the following before you can complete this task: 

  • Google@Wharton account

Setting up an Email Account For Your Club 

To obtain an email account on Wharton's servers for your club, send an email to, including the following information:

  • Preferred email address for account. The username has to be between 9 and 20 characters. It cannot contain any special characters.
  • Email Display Name (this appears when sending emails)
  • Full Names and Wharton email addresses for administrators These users will be administrators to the account, and will be responsible for adding additional users, and transferring ownership when graduating.

Note: The email address and display name must match the name of the club and the club must already exist in CampusGroups. If the club name is exceedingly long, abbreviations are acceptable to use so long as they match the club name.

Student Club Websites

Student Clubs that would like to maintain a website have two main options:

1. Campus Groups

Certain clubs have access to the Campus Groups application, a one-stop location for managing all aspects of student club activities. For more information, see below.

2. Google Sites

Along with your Google@Wharton account you have access to Google Sites. This convenient resource allows you to create a website quickly and easily. To learn more, log into your Wharton Google account and choose the Sites option.


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support